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Cajuncelt's Spring 2015 Grow - Blue Dream - Bubba Kush - Critical Cure - Etc

Dave Groomer

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I'm having a few of these tested. I'll post #'s next week. Someone told me that a social media type thing said the to strains in Colorado.
They were:
Golden Goat
Blue Dream
Sour D
Durbon Poison
Banana Kush
Northern lights.

It's obvious Coloradoans are sativa types.
I agree.
Were they all treated with essential oils or do we have a "control" plant? :circle-of-love::peace:


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Hey Cajun... You remember that Skype you promised me..:6: Could you let me know when you might have time...:6:...:thanks:....:circle-of-love:
I do remember, but you remember that Tim & I got on lots of trouble about. So,v we can't skype anymore.

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I had some Durban Poison dabs recently. Whoa.
The taste was real peppery.
I just chopped some Tangie that is moving up on my favorites list. That & this Strawberry Cough.
I've got a Durban Poison growing now. She's doing awesome. Can't wait!



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Imagine a giant holding these an we would have something like this :cheer:
Giant green Pom Poms:circle-of-love:


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Lord have mercy, Cajun......great job; you should be so proud!


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Hi ya Dennise,

So happy to hear your boy(s) are coming home soon!


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This my first full cycle outdoors. I'm excited about it. I won't be there when they're harvested though :(
That's a shame Cajun. Make them take pictures. :4: They give me chills. Someday I'm gonna take a walk through a grow. They may actually surprise us an legalize in PA. I already have people seeking me out, and they don't even know I grow, just that I'm passionate about it, so they're hopeful. That would be a sweet turn of events, eh Shawnee? I don't even know if I dare dream it.
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