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Cal-Mag Or Nitrogen Deficiency?


Hey guys, not sure if anyone has followed my Journey, it's been awesome, and thank this community for all its support.
So I did research obviously and I cant tell if my otherwise VERY healthy plants have a calcium magnesium or nitrogen deficiency while in veg still? The soil I transplanted them a week ago was Roots Organics by Aurora and was told by seller i didnt need to use nutrients for at least a month, I attached photos, but I cant tell. I just added cal-mag before taking photos so they look wet, but its NOT overwatering, they were at 2.1 dryness. Thanks and any help is appreciated. For future I will post quick questions only, as to not make you read a bunch of junk. Thank you
PS.. these are photos from 2 plants sorry, there maybe 2 seperate issues, but my 9 plants under same conditions and soil, maybe it's because the yellow underneath is a bigger plant, and needs more nitrogen.


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I use 6.4 to 6.6 PH water, tonight I'll actually test the soil. Thanks I also though it might be leaf burn but it is only happening to the bottom leaves of only 2 plants.
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