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Calaveras Kid open for forum biz

Calaveras Kid

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Hi all.. we have a permitted grow in Calaveras County.. We are flowering in greenhouses this winter. We are knowledgeable of the current local political climate and how it affects the industry.

I am interested in sharing growing knowledge and gaining some.

I joined because I need to find technical knowledge on heating greenhouses.. A wood fired hydronic heating system is very appealing as there is abaundant dead wood from the 2015 Fire. We have a very nice vented propane Hot Dawg heater in one greenhouse.. But two others about 1000 ft^2 are in danger and cold nights are coming Thursday.

We will be expirementing with a non vented dual burner that screws to the top of the propane tank in one greenhouse.. There is an argument here that too much CO2 from combustion can kill a plant.. it is counterintuitive to me that 100% CO2 would kill plants.. but folks argue 100% O2 can kill humans.. If anyone knows open combustion in a greenhouse will kill plants.. it would be good to know as soon as possible. If I can control greenhouse temp with a thermostat controlled non vented burner it would be the best solution at this point.

Peace to All.. I have considerable political forum experience.. I am ready to leave politics behind and keep my eyes on the prize. That doesn't mean I don't like to bash Wash DC now and then. I hope to gain and share much knowledge here.

May the Season be Merry

Ian Bastage

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Welcome to 420 Calaveras Kid :welcome:

You may want to head over the THE GROW ROOM > Growers Forums > Cabinet, Closet, & Grow Room Setup & ask. Many of our growing members are personal, but I am sure that there are some larger ones lurking who can help.

As for politics, we are pretty chill here. We are pro-legalization & anything that can move that agenda forward is well received.


Calaveras Kid

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