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Calcium - Hydro/Soilless vs. Soil

David Bowman

New Member
I have a question regarding the following chart that we've all seen at least once -


While most nutrients are absorbed at similar pH ranges between Hydro/Soilless and Soil, Calcium literally flips the pH it is absorbed at depending on whether it is Hydro/Soilless or Soil. Not only that but all the other nutrients have a significant absorption overlap between Hydro/Soilless and Soil. There is no overlap at all between the two with regard to Calcium, the highest pH it is absorbed at in Hydro/Soilless is 5.8, yet the lowest pH it is absorbed at in Soil is 6.5. Why is does Calcium absorption behave in this manner and why is it the only nutirient to behave this way?
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