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California NORML


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I was considering joining until I realized their stance on legalization. Why would anyone desire to allow government more power to decide the tax rate and regulate cannabis distribution? If they think once cannabis is legalized, government (which does not produce wealth through hard work like many citizens who bear the burden of progressive taxation) will act fairly in establishing the tax code, I would say that is very naive. There are plants growing up in the hills that will cause the body to shut down in an hour and cause death, yet there is no legislation regarding these plants. For a plant as useful and safe as cannabis, I believe the only legislation needed is the decriminalization of it's medicinal use and cultivation. Government has assumed too much power over our lives in spite of our Constitution. If anything their power should be restrained, not allowed more. I cannot promote an organization that kisses the feet of the enemy.


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Cannabis should be a GRAS food - people have only been using for the last 5000 years or so and where is a the carnage? Sorry, I don't need a pharmaceutical company to fractionate it for me, rather do it myself whether I can to make somthing to rub on my skin, eat or vaporize. And there should be dispensaries to tend to people who can't, they already do that and pay taxes to their localities.
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