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Calipurps Grow Journal - 2015

You can also use light string just don't tie tightly around the stem then you can take like an ice pick and poke little holes in the top of your containers to run the string through and tie it off.
Looks good. I haven't been real active as far as post but found this site a couple years after I started growing. Lots of good info to be found. I also did a lot of research before I started, literally hundreds of hours. I have been growing for little over 4 years and consider myself a master grower. I build my own soil less mix and use no nutes. Everything the plant needs is in the soil. Any Anything I can do to help will be my pleasure.
I start with 12 cubic foot of roots organic soil. To that I add the following.
15 lbs worm castings
5lbs fish bone meal
5 lbs Indonesian bat guano
5 lbs Mexican bat guano
5 lbs blood meal
3 lbs alfalfa meal
2 lbs neem seed meal
2lbs fish meal
3lbs soybean meal
3 lbs kelp meal
3 lbs rock phosphate
3 lbs green sand
2 lbs of bark mulch
1/2 cup Epson salt
1/2Cup Morehouse
1/2 cup Dolomite lime
3/4 cup Asomite
1/8 cup granular Humic acid
Mix real well put in trash cans and add I gallon of water with a tablespoon of unsolicited collapses. Let it sit for a month then put in bottom of hole in ground if out doors or in the bottom 1/3 to 1/2 of container indoors never plant roots directly on this soil mix. Indoors I only use when I transplant just before bloom cycle
With the soil it will cost about 5 bills. But I got this recipe from one of my high times issues. It for a recycled organic soil that you reuse just add the new admendments. I get most of the admendments from Amazon with free shipping. Now the base soil roots organic is good for outdoor but I have noticed quite a bit of gnats in roots soil so I generally use sunshine mix or promix for my indoor soil. Indoors I generally transplant from solo cups to one gallon bags to three gallon bags then 7 gallon when I put them in bloom stage. I spend a lot of time topping and training under a trellis net. Most strains grown normally without all the training will produce 2 or three ounces of dried bud. I veg about a month longer with my techniques and get between 6 to 8 ounces a plant.
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okay everyone so I transplanted my four Russian frost into 7 gallons going for 2 weeks of veg for them then flower mode and I also took 4 of my seedling trainwrecks that in the 3 gallon containers the Russians were in place is getting crowded but that will all change when I start flowering im going to throw the newly rooted clones and seedlings back in there original home and have the tent for flowering I will have pics up later
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okay thanks for the blue print I'm going to write it down.so your saying I can reuse the soil I never tried that before when im done with the plants what about the roots ??im pretty much doing the same as you with transplanting .nice I haven't got into the topping and training yet but ive been interested I did fim to only one of my outdoors last year and I liked how it came out but the stats you just said are crazy I didn't know you can get that much more for just doing that im interested in that for the indoors do you have a journal??


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the bluelab pen will tell you once a month when to recalibrate by the missing check mark :thumb: