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Call for Hemp

Jim Finnel

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Groups of teens sit in small, circular gatherings. Some have brought chairs, but most lounge lazily on the grass. Lincoln Park is quiet, except for the low, fairy-esque notes that float softly from a small makeshift stage adorned with American flags. A group of guys in chairs nonchalantly pass around a joint, faint clouds of smoke emerging above their heads. No one bats an eyelash—this is Peace Fest 2007.

Also known, of course, as Hemp Fest, or even more accurately, Weed Fest, this 20-year-old, three-day festival is no Woodstock—the crowd is far less lively, and a couple hundred thousand people short. But this smaller, mellow group shares some of the same anti-war sentiments held by their flower child ancestors, as well as a very enthusiastic outlook on illegal substances. The stage, for example, is decorated with anti-war buttons protesting President Bush and the U.S. presence in Iraq. Across the lawn, a tent stands with informational pamphlets on the benefits of medical marijuana usage. A friendly debate between two young men is occurring on the matter, as one can be overheard saying, "I don’t use marijuana, but I have nothing against it."

Festival postcards are out for the taking, with the words "we gather to change the laws, not break them." Looking around, however, is it clear what most peace-goers have come together for. As a man opens a briefcase to display glass pipes for sale, a crowd immediately huddles around, admiring his wares. A large group to his left discusses how best to roll a swisher. The oh-so-distinct smell of weed is consistently present.

A few stroll along the edge of the park where hacky sacks, incense, all things Bob Marley and, helpfully, lighters are for sale in small groups of tents. Separate tents offer t-shirts with phrases like "Thank You for Pot Smoking" emblazoned across the chests.

Forgotten fashions dot the grass, tie-dye and long prairie skirts abound. A man swings a small child around in a circle, and it is almost possible to imagine that the park is a time machine, transporting lawn dwellers to the infamous era of peace, love and harmony.


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Wow, that's all I can say. I wish I had a place like this to dwell EVERYDAY!
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