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Calling all Volcano users


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:60: :allgood: I have had a Volcano now for over 2 weeks and tried a few different things with it.
:hmmmm: I pose this question based on your experiences: what temperature would you use for?...
1. For mid-hi grade bud properly cured & ground up
2. Dense & sticky indica
3. Pungent, sticky sativa
4. Hash
a. Mixed in with bud
b. Pressed to a screen & resting the hash side on some ground
5. Oils...use similar to hash?
6. Keif
7. I don't think there's any other form of cannabis left except using
tincture on some bud:laugh2:


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You know Zed thanks for this... ive been looking at a volcano and was always curious what temps are the best for the diffrent strains this is awesome tagging this for later


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Well, I usually can only find beasters but sometimes there are headies in my area. I use 6.5, its worked out for me.


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Usually I'd set it from anywhere from 5-7 depending on bud and what mood I was in. 7 will give you more intense hit, and 5 was just enough for me fully enjoy the taste and still get blown. With fluffier dank weed, i'd go closer towards 5, and really sticky dank like at 6 to 6.5--I'd vape shwagg budz at like 7 or 7.5 to get thick vape for 1 or 2 bags. Hash I never tried, but I think you have to have a special attachment for hash. Putting hash in it without the attachment is a popular way of breaking volcanos i beleive because it melts down into the unit.


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:sasmokin: Wow, some of you use 7 as your temp setting...I haven't gone past 6 because I about coughed up my toes when I took my usual big hit. I will try my stickest stuff on 6 tonight after work and probably won't be able to "Bench Test" anything after that :laugh2: ...
I do like a full hit so I will probably hover between 5.5-6.0...
I used some kind of "Diesel" hash pressed to a regular screen and put it on top of some ground bud and got about 5 bag fills where vapors were still visible.
I plan on trying it again set at 7.0 and leave some of the bud crumbled rather than ground and place hash side down on the bud.
I've resorted to introducing hash for more kick, because straight bud just dosen't seem to get me where I want to go..........:33: The Underverse:headbang:
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