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CalMag and pH


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Ok, so I am growing a couple autos in coco coir. I'm using PureBlend Grow Pro as veg nutes.. and I think my coir is becoming too acidic from these nutes!
I told my local hydro dude that i am growing in coco with PureBlend nutes, and he recommended using CalMag. So i bought it (actually, its CaliMagic or whatever, but essentially the same thing..).
My question is, does CalMag buffer your substrate's pH, as well as (obviously) deliver Ca and Mag? Will it significantly buffer my coir's pH, or do i need to invest in some pH-up?
Is pH-up or powdered lime better to use?
Also, is there any recommended ratio of PureBlend-to-CalMag?


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I would just follow the instructions on the bottle. Check your runoff to know whether you need to buffer your ph. And like always, mix your nutes and cal/mag, and ph it.

It's near impossible to give a plant too much cal/mag
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