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Calmag with organic nutes


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Hi I just bought calmag but I am 99% sure is synthetic I wonder if it will harm my microbes in the soil ? Also is calmag rises or lowering pH ? I never had a need to buy pH meter as soil is buffering it itself but I don't really trust that calmag .. also I can't give it back and I paid abit of money kinda pissed off at myself :q


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Hiya @Virandell I'm not much of a science guy, I just pour the crap in and they seem to grow...but I did a quick search and found this, hopefully it will ease your mind. What kind of cal/mag is it?

"I recently just made a huge mistake and I was hoping to get some insight. I watered my plants which are grown in organic soil for the first time with cal mag plus and hydroguard from Botanicare. I know.... WTF! I'm going insane at the moment dreading what might happen , and what is happening under the soil.
So did I just kill all my beneficial friends that I have been accumulating for so long in one fatal swoop.
It's been 2 days since I made that mistake and the plants are starting to show signs that there not happy. What can I do ? Is my soil useless now in terms of organic growth?

No. Don't worry about it. Hydroguard is beneficial bacteria. And one dose of synthetic Cal mag isn't going to do any major damage. I'm sure the micro beasties aren't super happy with u but they will be fine. Next time u water water with a worm castings tea and all will be well. That will provide u with far more fresh bacteria than u killed. No worries bro just wouldn't make it a habit. Good luck. "
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