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Tonight when I was feeding I accidentally used the bottle of sensi grow pt b by mistake instead of the bottle of diluted sensi grow and cal mag + I had mixed up before. I put the 2 parts of the sensi grow in 750 ml water bottles with the push down lids because it was easier to pour into my measuring device. Stupid move because I grabbed the wrong one and gave them a good drenching straight. I immediately figures it out when I went to refill my watering bottle and immediately started doing an emergency flush on all suspect plants. Just wondering if this should be ok or is the damage done. They are in promix and only about 1 month old:oops:


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I'm guessing you won't have trouble flushing them out. If you had a EC meter (ppm meter) -it would come in handy right now. But just pour lots of water through- well, it sounds like you already did, and you should be fine. If anything there could be a little danger of overwatering but that depends on your pot size mostly.
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