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Campaign To End Research Gridlock


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Now that a federal administrative law judge has recommended that the government allow FDA-approved researchers access to privately grown marijuana, ASA has been organizing support for what would be a major federal policy change.

That organizing is part of a new national campaign called Stop Gridlock, Demand Research! The campaign urges elected officials to call on the DEA to accept the recommendation of Administrative Law Judge Mary Ellen Bittner and grant a license to Professor Lyle Craker of the University of Massachusetts Amherst to grow cannabis for approved medical research.

This past May, over 18 ASA Chapters and Affiliates met via a conference call to discuss the launch of the campaign. During the meeting, ASA leaders from all over the nation brainstormed innovative tactics and strategies to implement this campaign in their communities.

ASA's chapters and affiliates have been organizing local community members to contact their elected officials asking them to sign-on to a letter written by Congressional Representatives John Olver (D-MA) and Dana Rohrabacher (R-CS), urging DEA Administrator Karen Tandy to accept Judge Bittner's recommendations and grant Dr. Craker a license to produce research material.

ASA chapters and affiliates have been sponsoring friendly competitions between local groups, offering prizes to those who can organize the most constituent calls. ASA chapters have also been hosting meetings at local computer labs (public libraries, local universities, etc.) to send e-mails to their elected officials. In just a couple of weeks, these efforts have resulted in over 125 calls and e-mails to over a dozen Representatives. To access ASA's Stop Gridlock call script, visit AmericansForSafeAccess.org/StopGridlockScript.

ASA's goal is to make the Federal government listen to its boss, the people, and stop the gridlock on medical cannabis research. To be a part of this important campaign, find out more about Dr. Craker and the Stop Gridlock campaign at AmericansForSafeAccess.org/CrakerProject.

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