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Can a MMJ user smoke with a legal recreational user?


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I was smoking with a friend of mine yesterday, i’m 18 & hes 22. I had seen a cop pass by while we were smoking and I instinctively went to hide the weed, while dojng so i was wondering if we were even doing anything wrong. we were in his house, and we can both legally smoke but is it legal for a recreational user to smoke with an mmj user or is there some weird law against it?

(we live in socal)

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You would have to check with the regulations there but I can't imagine it matters if one person med and one rec, unless they allow med folks to smoke in a "public place" and rec not able to. More of a how they define a public place, as here in OR you can smoke on your own property as long as it is out of public view, so becomes a public place if you in your yard and you don't have a fence, and that part of the rules the same here and the differences are only in amount allowed and amount of plants allowed here in OR between Med and Rec use. So whether they consider even in your house in public view a "public place" or not would probably be the question.


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The inside of your house is not public space, even if visible from the outside. If there were a rule about commingled smoking I'd think it would be widely publicized and likely unenforceable since both of you are engaging in a legal activity and barring your activities would interfere with the right of association - but I'm no lawyer.
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