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Can any recommend a seed bank


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Ye nice1 thats what am lookin at now herbies thinkin about them 3 northen lights £13 + 4 pp reckon their good? Enybody here had them?? Says their proper quick n that

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I ordered from Herbies and got my order with no problems. Northern Lights is a good easy plant to grow. Make sure you have room they grow huge. What are you looking for in a plant?


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Herbies is the way to go!


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Seed city are great!! Im in australia so its hard to find a decent seed bank that ships here, seed city also do a facebook seed givaway everyday i won 3 autofem starryder seeds a few months back there growing beautifully :thumb:


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I'm in australia too. I have used both demonseeds and Herbie's.

demonseeds is great and stealth is very good. demonseeds seeds always have germinated! my first choice.
personally I found Herbies not so good... 3 out of my four seeds failed to crack. I see no reason to use them again.
royal queene seeds the best bank for me cheap seeds great germination great pleants ... i love it recomend eny body to start with them but im from europe i get the seeds in 2 days i dont know how long would it take for USA but i know they ship worldwide
i hope that helps


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I am new to the scene, and have also been looking fot a reliable and cheap seed bank. Castle seeds looks awesome but quite expenisive, Has anyone ordered from bestdealseeds?

Looking forward to ur answers!
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