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can anybody ID this strain?


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OK, I know there are so many strains its near impossible to ID, if anyone has had experience with a similar style plant or can make a suggestion on what she is so i can review some grow journals and maybe get an idea of who she is, it was a clone from a friend of a friend who claimed it was bubba kush but I'm pretty sure she is NOT. I'm just looking for something to tell me what this girl is. She has a blueberry smell, she is lanky with huge buds, and I'm figuring a 14 week flower time. Here are some pics of her at 11 weeks. Her trichomes are 10% cloudy and 90% clear. Any ideas will be appreciated

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look like a good plant but it is very difficult to tell the strain except that it look an indica plant if your friend say is bubba kush then it is


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It actually could be bubba kush, or if you say it has a blueberry smell then could even be that.
To me it looks like super lemon haze, I don't actually know any strains other than Dr. Grinspoons and lemon bubble that takes 14 weeks to flower.

Its always fun playing guess a strain!


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I know the strain-----freakin awesome

sorry marz,I couldn't help you id the plant,but I do know quality when I see it.

please feel free to use the strain name I have given it.


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It doesn't look like a sativa and has very kushy leaves, so it still might be Bubba Kush.
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