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Can anyone suggest a drip system I can buy?


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it would be for coco and for 6 -8 plants. I don't have the skills, patients, proper tools, or time to build a DIY set up.
drip rings cost too much so i'd hope i could just get drippers going from a manifold. I already own a good water pump and i could also probably set up gravity easy enough. but i can't seem to find all of this in a kit. or not at least one that looks like it's good for use with the greens.

Teddy Edwards

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Please have a look at our sponsor, Cannabis Irrigation Supply.

They are a lovely, family business, support our mission and contests, and seem to have the answer to most irrigation needs. They also have a personal advice service.



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I do not know of a kit. I use RV pump, solenoid valve, programmable digital timer, 1/4" soaker hose. I have made drip rings for coco using tubing and barbed fittings.


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Thanks guys. Sorry for posting in the wrong section, Teddy :oops:
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