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Can anyone Suggest Improvements on This Nute Mix??


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This may be a bit more suited for the organics Forum. But unfortunantely it's kind of slow over there. Anyways I'm growing in a 70% Promix HP 30% EWC mix. I have done a bit of research and found these recipes for Veg and FLower. I would love to hear any comments regarding these mixes and any issues anyone may have with them? Also if you have a mix that is a proven winner, please take the time to list it.

Veg Mix:
1/3 cup Peruvian Seabird Guano (PSG)
1/3 cup high N Bat guano ( Mexican)
1/3 cup earth worm castings
5 tsp. Maxicrop 1-0-4 powdered kelp extract
( that makes the dry mix. You can make all you want and save it for later. )
Mix with water at 1 cup of dry mix to 5 gallon of water to make the tea.
To that 5 gals add:
5 tbs Liquid Karma
5 tbs Black Strap Molasses
Use this to water every 3 rd watering

Flowering Nutrient Mix:
2/3 cup Peruvian Seabird Guano
2/3 cup if earth worm castings
2/3 cup High P guano (Indonesian or Jamaican)
5 tsp Maxicrop 1-0-4 powdered kelp extract
( that makes the dry mix make as much ad you want and save it for later)
Mix with water @ 2 cups per 5 gals.
To that tea add:
5 tbs of Liquid Karma
5 tbs Black Strap Molases


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You should have a solid mix there.

Thanks Frosty, I thought it was pretty solid but thought I would put it out there to see if any impronements could be offered. Did my first watering the other day and things are looking good. I didnt ph the nute mix though?


That is a good mix, looks very similiar to LC #1 mix with the added amendments. I use bone meal / blood meal / kelp meal in my mix - I dropped the greensand and will be adding Naomi's mineral mix instead. I am also adding sol-po-mag to my watering regime to help head off issues I have seen with Mg deficiencies early in flower. These mixes are pretty decent, but depending on the strain, you may have to supplement a bit more here and there.


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Kinda hard to improve on the 3LB. LOL

Might be hard to find in your location, but adding alfalfa meal to your line up would pretty much make it complete.

If you can't find the alfalfa meal, look for rabbit food. Same thing in pellet form, works just as good, or a supplement to horse food. A seed and feed store is your best bet.

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