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can anyone tell me


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spike69 here,I cant find out what would happen to me if I got caught with my usual 4 plants(never amounting to over 2 oz)in mn. I find no laws for growing.

can anyone tell me what they think would happen to me for growing these plants,and I dont sell,they are for my brothers seizures and shaking.never been busted for anything.thx:surf::thanks:


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They probably use the total weight of the plants, which could easily put you into felony range. Also, the tax stamp requirement could be what gets you if you have smaller quantities.


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from what you are saying, if you were to be busted, most likely cops will charge you with possession as long as its clear its for personal use.
this is good since a distribution charge is serious time, but on the other hand the cops will be not be your friends about the whole thing and will use most if not the entire weight of the plant to charge you with. so all the dirt, leaves, stems, water that are contained within the plant will be the weight you are charged with.
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It depends on the State you are growing you plants in. If you can post that back I can look it up for you. Does your brother reside in the home?
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