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Can auto flowers share space with non autos?


I have 2 auto flowers with 5 weeks of age, they have been on a 18/6 schedule since germination. I recently installed an mini split unit just for my flowers since they were a bit stunted from the heat before the ac.... Now that I installed a dedicated AC, I find I need to bring more plants into the mix as it be will worth it. ($$ Electric fees) . I germinated all my 3 free seeds (non autos) and they just spouted. They will share tent One on a 18/6 schedule with my autos....

Question #1:

With a shared 18/6 schedule, can they all share the same space for 3-4 more weeks?

Q #2:

Will my autos flower at full bloom even on a 18/6 schedule? Or do I need to assist them with a 12/12 schedule and change them from the shared space in tent #1 with the non autos in a different tent (2) ?

Q#3: My Tent #2 is a huge tent, enough to start a new grow, can they all share space and keep the non autos in Veg state in a 18/6 until a new batch of autos catches in with growth?

Thanks....I guess I cant see a huge inconvenience of having different grow batches of different ages, specially if you mix autos with non autos....please help me see if there is some flawed logic here


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From what I have read around & some of my experiences..heres my input.

Q1 Yes they can

Q2 18/6 and flower on auto is fine

Q3 You can probably start some new autos with your Veg non autos. But when your non autos are in 12/12 your autos will do better under 18/6 than 12/12.
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