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Can cannabis replace vaccines? In honour of Professor Ester Fride

Sister Vee

Can Cannabis Replace vaccines?

Dedicated to Professor Ester Fride

Professor Ester Fride was the Dutch Israeli scientist who proved that mammals could not suckle and survive without a fully developed EC System.

The medical implications of her work are far reaching and her work proved that in Infants Growth Failure due to the inability to take up food was attributed to an under developed EC System.

In her career Professor Ester Fride was lead or co-author on more than 40 papers and in recent years before she passed away New Years Day 2010 from lung cancer at the age of 56 she was also involved in the research of Rimonabant one of Ethan Russo's products. It is my heart felt feeling that this product led to the cause of her death. As ii have said before ii truly believe that something is amiss with the passing of a healthy marathon runner who knew how to cure lung cancer with Cannabis Medicine.

At the time of her passing she was supervising some serious research by Shimon Rabichev, Michal Shcecter and Hodaya Dahan.

Hodaya Dahan worked with Prof Fride for seven years and said that she had been the best teacher. She also said that help would be given to Prof Fride's family to set up a website in her honour when the traditional mourning period of one week was over.

Well it is now 2017 and ii seem to be one of the few people who has written anything in her honour and the article on 420 magazine is also my work, so to be honest this is both a disappointment and a satisfaction to witness such typical behaviour in the Babylon medical world. For sure you can be guaranteed that she had hit on some research that the medical world did not want released.

Fred Garner of O'Shaughnessy's The Journal of Cannabis in Clinical Practise wrote that he had a telephone interview with Hodaya and asked her if Ester, who had arrived in Israel as a 19 year old Zionist, had changed her outlook over the years.

"Hodaya said (over a grainy phone line in a Russian-Israeli-Bronx accent) that Ester was...'You have a word for it in America...' I thought I heard her say 'secular' and repeated, helpfully: 'Secular! Of course-Ester was secular'.
"No", said Hodaya, "Settler. She was a settler." I'd known that "Judea and Samaria" was a term for the West Bank — 'the occupied territories;-but I hadn't thought of Dr Fride's running a lab there as a political act."

And so in the spirit of Sisterhood ii feel openly obliged to keep the memory of the works of Professor Fride alive and to continue her work in paediatrics. It is my personal belief that she was headed towards this topic of replacing vaccines with Cannabinoid treatment and so it is my privilege to dedicate this and all future paediatric research papers to the honour of Professor Ester Fride.

In Can Cannabis Cure Children there ii go into detail about how Cannabis affects children from the unborn baby to post natal development and so we can now feel a little more comfortable in knowing that we are not harming our children because our Creator has a specific agenda of how Cannabis works with humans including little children and even animals.

This is exactly why we are having so much success in treating children with all kinds of conditions and ii would really like parents to start acknowledging that Cannabis is a medicine designed by God to cure all childhood illness. No child is supposed to be ill or suffering.

So the most important thing to know is that Cannabis does not produce psychoactive side effects in small children. Of course this is for controlled dosage as guided by a Cannabis Medicine Practitioner or a Rastafari Bush Doctor. It is never a good idea to try to self- medicate anyone in your family without first consulting a Health Care Practitioner.

Cannabis controls the Immune System

The fact that humans have a dedicated Cannabinoid Receptor CB2 which operates in the immune system is enough proof for me that we can easily replace vaccinations with Cannabis Medicine.

Cannabis is a powerful pain killer and anti-inflammatory and this is the first plant property required by babies suffering the harsh side effects of vaccinations. Vaccinations literally set the immune system on fire.....

Some scientists believe that healthy people may not benefit from continuous consumption of the high levels of anti-inflammatory compounds in Cannabis. These same scientists believe that Cannabis supresses the immune system by increasing white blood cell counts and many surveys have been done on Cannabis consumers to try and prove this.

In my studies ii have looked at hundreds of research papers and to be completely honest with results that these guys produce ii think it would be fair to say that these subjects actually do have a genuine infection in the systems.

On average less than 1% of subjects surveyed display an increase in white blood count so that is around 23 people per 3000 included in the surveys...on average.

So to be completely fair scientists should rather first establish whether it is the Cannabis, other drugs or actually an infection prevailing which leads to the increase of white blood cells.

The most common cause of an increased white blood cell count is infection...this is a scientific fact...

Scientists do not seem to understand exactly how this plant works and they also do not understand Receptor Expression yet or else they would not make such crazy statements...seriously sometimes ii can't believe the things ii read on some of these science sites. Even ii have read papers by scientists who think Marijuana is a Cannabinoid!

Without going into the chemistry of The EC System we need to understand that Cannabinoids and Cannabinoid Receptors are produced on demand...as and when the body needs healing.

So a healthy person who consumes Cannabis daily will maintain the state of Homeostasis and if for some reason they may have picked up an infection for sure the white blood cell count will increase as the body initiates the migration of white blood cells to the site of injury.

Cannabis possesses a paradoxical consciousness that will forever baffle scientists. If you look at the character of "Retrograde Transmission" you will realise that Cannabis can both increase and decrease blood pressure, can act as both an anti-coagulant and pro-coagulant, in the same way as it can both stimulate and suppress the appetite.
So too the immune system can be both supressed and expressed as is required to effect The EC System and to maintain Homeostasis throughout the body.

So white blood cells go up to fight infection and when Cannabis lowers white blood cells it is the same as using an antibiotic as this is also one of the properties of Cannabis to reduce fever and aid the body's natural immune system.

This is exactly the type of relief moms needs the next few nights after vaccination day.

Cannabis will never increase or decrease anything in your body unless your body requires it to be done...Cannabis does not do any harm it is only for the healing.

So therefore all Cannabinoids are both agonists and antagonists thus they can each both stimulate and inhibit wherever necessary in the body to restore balance in the body at any point of injury throughout the various systems of the body including hair, nails and teeth and beyond to include the chakras and other elements of consciousness which affect our mental and physical health.

This is how Cannabis works when there is imbalance in the body and Cannabis is consumed the Cannabinoids start healing virtually right away...every single time...regardless of what the patient is suffering so that is anything from an itchy finger to seizures to cancer...every single time and ii can honestly say that ii have never in my life treated someone with Cannabis who has not gained instant or overnight relief from whatever condition.

If anyone does not yet believe that Cannabis improves the immune system they should look into studies of HIV patients. Many patients ii was treating as a teenager are still alive today.

It is also interesting to discover that HIV patients who smoked whole herbal Cannabis showed a 20% increase in CD8 T-cells as opposed to patients who received synthetic Dronabinol who only showed a 10% increase...just saying...

We give thanks that we can rely on Cannabis to help reduce, treat and manage any side effects which can result from vaccinations including autism, encephalitis, seizures, fever, anxiety, irritability, nausea, vomiting and all the other horrible things that could go with vaccination day.

They always say that more research is needed but the truth is that Cannabis is the most researched plant and there is by far more research on Cannabis Medicine than there is available on any pharmaceutical drug.
The Truth is that there is already significant anecdotal evidence that Cannabis Medicine works with no side effects.

Paediatric Cannabis Medicine has always been close to my heart and to be quite frank ii am growing tired (and old) listening to all this ridiculous talk about 'Cannabis harms children' which is really just a cover-up that ii really wish people would stop taking as gospel when in reality keeping this plant away from children is far more dangerous and harmful and further arresting parents for trying to get this medicine is simply evil.

Speaking about arresting parents recently ii was researching statistics of pregnant moms being arrested for consuming Cannabis. There were stories from all corners of Earth South Carolina, Jamaica, Cambodia even stories of moms being arrested straight after childbirth, still bleeding and being dragged off to prison...truly people im not making this up...this shit is really happening...the struggle is real...

Well ii can tell you this make me sick in my stomach how far Babylon is prepared to go to keep us away from this plant.

Cannabis is win win for moms whether you vaccinate or not...

Its a personal decision and ii would also just like parents to be aware of their rights in terms of our constitution here in South Africa we cannot be forced to vaccinate it is voluntary and no public school can refuse registration which itself is compulsory by law. Please also check out the South African Schools Act of 1996 as amended 2011.

Then you also have your religious rights...ii can tell you of one Rastafari family who took a Montesorri school to the Con Court and won and ii know of many Muslim families who do not vaccinate because there is pig product in those vaccines.

People need to realise that when you vaccinate a child you not only activate the immune system but you also turn on the brain's immune system. The truth is that through vaccines the immune reaction goes on for years and years, non-stop, resulting in an inflamed brain...yes the child's brain is literally on fire...and will not calm down and this is actually what contributes to brain dysfunction in small children especially when they are consuming so many poisoness toxins in their food and water, unknowingly.

So even if you insist on giving your children these vaccines please know that you can save yourself a lot of pain and frustration never mind the suffering of your child if you administer a little bit of oil to the child before having the vaccination.

Refer your Health Care Practitioner for dosage.

My best advice to you is not vaccinate and for breast feeding moms to consume a tiny dose of Cannabis Medicine which will greatly benefit and protect your child.


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When reading this I will agree that pediatrics could definitely benefit from the use of cannabis. However, it is not a cure all and SHOULD NOT be used in place of vaccinations. Many of the research that you are saying says autism is caused by vaccine and vaccines cause a bunch of other issues have been debunked for years as many of those same doctors have admitted to skewing the statistics and not creating a proper control. Secondly, vaccines are killed vaccines (usually modified lives are not used in humans) that contain the disease so the memory cells, b-cells, can make an antibodies that will recognize the disease in the future to keep the child from having the full blown disease, if they show symptoms at all. Also many studies concerning cannabis have very specific environments they are run in and without deeper study on both sides, long term side effects are unknown. Not a bad thing necessarily because individuals react different and almost everything in this world in certain doses will cause damage or death. An example is death by oxygen poisoning/toxicity. Oxygen is great until your body has too much free oxygen in its systems and it goes after the surface of the lungs, retinas, etc. So without proper studies, no one knows for absolute certainty the effects it has on our body. Also the research concerning cannabis in most parts of the scientific community is considered underground. Unfortunately, the government usually has to fund the research for it to be credible in the eyes of the law aka the government. They are more the I won't believe you til I test it out types. Another point is while some antibiotics may lower white blood cells, the majority in most people help the white blood cells with the infection. They believe the type and severity of infection causes this as antibiotics can only do so much without the immune systems health. Also in the terms on vaccination, higher white blood cell count is what we are looking for to show an immune response. You want the response or else the immune system just sits on the side lines and the vaccination does nothing. I feel combination treatment would be an interesting area to investigate. There is a benefit to certain cannabinoids to be uses in combination as a preventative with vaccinations. Its prepping the body to be at its best to create an immune response without the body's lovely way of blowing it out of proportion (allergic reaction). There most likely is also a way we could incorporate it into the antigen portion of the vaccine. the antigen is what usually causes the issues, and that's why the same vaccines made by two different companies can make the same individual react differently. I wish it was more cut and dry in the ways of science but it never will be. Advising no vaccinations could have deadly consequences for all children though and that's why they were created in the first place :) Life will always be the lesser of two evils as nothing in life is perfect. Cannabis sure does help with the evil though and I feel it is here to stay and is just in its scientific infancy. Even colleges here in the US are starting to catch on that this will be a major industry and a widespread one.


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