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Can Dogs Smell Vaporizers?


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So i have been looking at buying a Vaporizer one with a whip but i have no place to store it at home.

If i stored the vaporizer in my car and the whip at home would drug dogs be able to smell the vaporizer?

would i just have to be very careful not to get any residue on the heating element or anywhere on the vaporizer?

sort of a sub question but what do the dogs actually smell because if its THC all the THC is vaporized when it hits the heating element if it falls from the whip and would any even get on the heating element

or should i just wait till i don't have to worry about drug searches



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and doesn't all vape up it will stick to surfaces also. I can scrape it off my vape after a couple of months and vape it again like hash.lol So it's still there.
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