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Can fellons get medical?


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Im wondering if there are any fellons that have medical cards and given the right to grow your own medicine and be a CareGiver?


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What state?


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I wouldn't see why not. If you/they served their time then it's time to move on. But, I'm sure im wrong bc that makes sense.


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The state im in doesn't allow felons or anyone with drug offense to work in a dispensary, for a provider or grow their own. They can get medical card though and obtain from a dispensary. The state also gives opportunity to get a record expunged one time n then they can be a provider or work in dispensary as long as they are not on probation or parole.


There are some qualifying conditions prevalently displayed and easy to find; however, the disqualifying conditions in a quick look, I admit, I found nothing which is good I presume with respect to your question.

And it is a yes to all of your questions in my neck of the woods. July have your forms ready.


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In many cases a felon can get their recommendation. With that said, that medical paperwork won’t mean a thing in court for someone on parole or probation with specific requirements not to use illegal drugs. In CA I have been in court and watched several cases of folks attempting and failing to use their recommendations to override the conditions of their probation/parole.
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