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Can I grow both feminised and auto in same tent under same light?


Hello guys, so my plan is to grow 3 plants, 2 autos, 1 feminized, I was planning on keep the light cycle on 18/6 until the Autos have grown this will usually take about 12 weeks in total. So I was thinking about starting the feminized about 3/4 weeks in on the auto flowers, this would give the feminized about 6/8 weeks in Veg which is plenty. Then when autos are finished I can swap light cycle straight to 12/12 and get the feminized plant budding?

Hope you guys can help!

George Mc

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As we all know we can lay out a plan on paper but when we try to make it work in reality sometimes there's problems. That's the story of my life


Depends on what you are trying to achieve for an end result. Personally w/ a couple autos and a photo, that would give me enough smoke until the next harvest. Your photo can sit in veg for as long as you like but from my experience, the longer ya go the more factors that play in when budding comes around.

6-8 in veg is enough IF the plant is growing normally. There are some that flip at three weeks and are very successful, personally 5 weeks has been the earliest for me. It just depends on what your goal is.

If you want to grow them all together, that's fine because the autos will ride out the 12/12 eventually becoming ready.
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