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Can I take a Cutting from a Plant in Flower?

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Yes, but a cutting taken while the stock plant is flowering will need to be forced to revert back to a vegetative state under 24 hour light. This causes additional stress, slowing growth and development. Rooting may take up to three times longer when the cuttings are taken during the flowering cycle. The cutting may not have enough stored nutrients or carbohydrates to survive. If you must do this then take the cutting when the mother plant is only a week or two into flowering.

Additional comment:
The above "flowering plant" is to be taken verbatim.
However, the above should not to be confused with a sexy mom who has been showing her primordia aka pre flowers while vegging, and has been kept in a vegetative state of growth for several months or years. These old mature primordia displaying moms clone just as well as a premature seedling.


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Same here willy..i chopped a couple off a plant 4 weeks into flower and it took 35 days total to completely turn around and start over! Well worth the wait these plants are bigger this time around! I personally have cloned from every stage!!!!! You have to just play the waiting game!!!!!!


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I tried to do the same thing. I found out the hard way that you can't take a clone from a flowering plant. Even if you have the clone under 24/0. To much stress for the plant to handle. Took 8 clones, all died.

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I took 6 white widow clones from a plant 1 month into flower.They were from the lowest limbs but had tiny flower on and were slightly resinous and fragrant.Some did better than others and it took 4-6weeks to get them rooted and growing but they all turned into bushy healthy plants that are now in flower in my yard.It takes longer but they should pull through eventually.


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I would only do it if you had no other options. It does take usually DOUBLE the normal amount of time in a cloner and my personal success rate went from 100% with veg cuttings to 20% with flowering cuttings.

The reason is very simple... A flowering plant ceases virtually ALL root development when in flower. Any cuttings taken from that flowering plant are going to share that same behavior.

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new clones don't do well cut from N E plant w/ a tiny bud coming on. i can get 98% when my clones are from vege phase. I use the cloning sponges and the roots grow out of the pores of my sponge. Then plant sponge and all in some GOOD ol' dirt. I like my dirt to have that earthy smell. No smell, no sell. have the baby girls under florescent lites ,tight to the lites 'bout 20 hrs then.wein them to hid lites and run my cycles. I find, long vege makes for fast,big stinky n:rollit::MoreNutes:ugs.(nugs). look ma, ganga green kule where r my smily faces?:rollit:;):48::21::4:there they are!!!love color


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I take clones from a flowering mom in the first week or two, I have no problem rooting take a little longer but it works. After the second week I have not too much success anymore and some strains are even almost inpossible to clone in the first weeks of flowering. I think you just have to try !!!!!!


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ive also takin clones from flowering plants and from my experience all have rooted in about same time as veg clones. the 1 thing about taking clones while plant is flowering is the branching. clones from flowering plant always has alot of branching and shoots nodes & branches from places u wouldnt think a branch would come from. so if u clone from flowering gal, the cuttings will produce a branchy, bushy plant. jmo


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Very interessting topic, I took a clone from a flowering plant (about 3 weeks from finish)
let's see what comes out of it.


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I'm currently intentionally getting my cuttings from a flowering plant.
I'm hoping to avoid buying/building another tent/system for mom and clones.
I'm figuring the clones (Daisy Cloner) should be ready to move into my 8 bucket RDWC about the time I finish harvest/cleaning.
I'm hoping for a continuous clone grow utilizing just 1 tent.
We'll see how it goes. This is my first grow in many years, and my first hydro.
All this just playing with bag seed (mostly, if not all Indica).
Once I get this down, then I'll splurge on real seeds.
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