Can I use coco nutrients in a medium that consists only of clay pebbles?


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So I am going to run a 4-pot Wilma (re-circulating system) that I am going to convert to hybrid DWC/top-feed hydro with drilling additional holes to the bottom of pots and those places where the pots will be placed on the tray and use a medium that consists only of clay pebbles. I have coco nutrients as I originally thought about going coco, but now that I've switched my plans I wonder should I buy regular hydro nutrients and not use coco nutrients with this type of set or will that be a bad idea? If I could have ASAP answers I would greatly appreciate it, going to visit grow shop after a few hours. :)
Hey SlyTown420, these are my current nutes. All are Growth Technology's (IONIC) nutes. If any are unsuitable for this kind of setup please mention. Thanks.

- Ionic Coco Grow
- Ionic Coco Bloom
- Ionic Cal-Mag pro
- Ionic Green Fuse Root Stimulator
- Ionic Green Fuse Grow Stimulor
They have a hydro schedule but it looks like regular and coco lines are different.

So that also applies to coco nutes? Is there any fundamental difference between the Ionic's Coco Grow vs. Ionic's Hydro grow? Should I follow that schedule exactly as presented unless I get nuteburn or other overfeeding symptoms? Back when I read GrowWeedEasy's grow guides it was said that one should only treat the feeding shedules as "max amounts" and put like 1/2 of what's said in them, so thought about re-checking.
They have one line for CoCo and another for Hydro so they are going to tell you its not suitable and to buy their hydro line. I'd buy nutes for hydro specifically in this case since there is no way to know if they would be okay or not on such a short notice. I'm sure we could figure this out if we had more time.
Usually that is the case. Go with a well known set of hydro nutes and you'll have all help you can ever need with feeding schedules.

Cool. Where did you find the nute schedule on their website? I tried the search option and didn't find it. If you can provide link where you found the full image you posted that would be great. Thanks
Can he use the Ionic CoCo nutes in a hydro system or does he need the hydro specific Ionic nutes?
Im not sure what the difference is tbh mate. Coco is hydro so there shouldn't be one really. I'd be amazed if they weren't suitable for it. I'll go look on the site though, see what it says ....
I just looked and it says the Coco version has organic amendments in it. Might be something to do with that. Doesn't say whats in the hydro version.
Organic stuff generally isn't great for, or won't work right in full hydroponics. Hence why you don't see many people do it.
I use sm-90 in mine to kill all the bacteria so I certainly wouldn't benefit from organic stuff.
I've emailed them before trying to get a sponsorship and they told me to fuck off within the hour so just message them. They don't take long to get back in touch lol.
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