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can I use my camcorder to get a good view of Trich's

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Hi everyone, I was just curious if anyone has gotten any good photos of trichomes good for detecting when to harvest, using a camcorder. I know about the 13dollar microscopes with zoom lenses, I was just wondering if anyone had any experience with a camcorder for checking them out? I have a nice sony with 60gig hd etc, I never used it much but would like to know if it will work for determining harvest? I think I said that already, thats alright tho, ttyl all replies welcome thanks....
If there is a significant macro on it - you could definitely get some pics. The only problem I find in trying to use my pics (even 7MP stills) is the White Balance. I'm never quite sure what I see in the pics is correct. I do, however, find it very helpful in addition to the scope. Once I've gauged the colors with my eye - the pic is a really handy way to really check the plant and tris.

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It says it has 2000x digital zoom, 25x optical, and tele macro..I haven't quite figured out how to do it tho....so should I set it to macro stills, 0.7? Thanks Papa Green!!