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Can Marijuana Users Pack Heat?

Jim Finnel

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It's an only-in-America, constitutional mash-up: gun rights and medical marijuana on the same bill!

That's right, an Oregon case tackles an issue that, we suppose, had to be addressed at some point: Can medical marijuana users carry concealed guns?

Here's the story, courtesy of AP.

Cynthia Wills, 54, has a medical marijuana permit to treat arthritis and muscle spasms. She also has a permit to carry a concealed handgun.

Oregon police, AP reports, have tried to take away Willis's gun, prompting Willis to fire back with a lawsuit, joined by three co-plaintiffs. The case is pending in the Oregon Supreme Court.

"Under the medical marijuana law, I am supposed to be treated as any other citizen in this state," said Willis, a retired school bus driver whose gun of choice is a Walther P-22. "If people don't stand up for their little rights, all their big rights will be gone."

State sheriffs, according to AP, say that federal gun laws prohibit firearm sales to drug addicts, a term that includes medical marijuana users, they contend.

"The whole medical marijuana issue is a concern to sheriffs across the country . . . because there is so much potential for abuse or for misuse and as a cover for organized criminal activity," Washington County Sheriff Rob Gordon told AP.

Gordon's office rejected three medical marijuana patients in the Portland suburbs who applied for concealed handgun permits.

If Willis loses, she plans to carry her pistol out in the open, in a holster on her hip, which is legal under Oregon law, according to AP.

"I've been done harm in my life and it won't ever happen again," she said, explaining why she carries a gun.

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I don't see them taking guns and gun rights away from those beer swilling, NRA types despite the fact that many of them are dumb enough to drink and shoot guns. Or drink and hunt. If you plan to deny patients their rights, then do it across the board. Alcohol isn't even medicine, so leave mmj patients alone.
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