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Can Medical Marijuana Have a Role In New Jersey?

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Morris County Assemblyman Michael Patrick Carroll has again co-sponsored a bill that would allow the use of small amounts of marijuana for medical purposes. Is this a good idea? What do you think? Our ex-president Bill Clinton claimed he did not inhale,but he was out partying.

We are talking about sick people here who might need help. If you were very sick and needed this to help you, should the government stand in the way?

Does the "party weed" that has been used for hundreds of years get a shot at some positive use? Why not let the voters decide?

Many cancer patients who experience nauseous reactions to chemotherapy, might benifit. oes research show that it could help sick people in need?
Anyone who thinks this is a good or a bad idea, needs to reach out to Mr.Carroll and let him know.

His bill could help people who are not taking some weed to party,but to get some relief. What do you think? If we do not give our thoughts, the debate will be decided by only a few. Right now in the USA ,twelve States allow the use of medical marijuna.

Should NJ be next? What is the right thing to do here? Let's talk about this.

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Wheres his Email? I would love to send him a piece of my mind, being originally from Jersey, now living in Colorado as A medical Marijuana Patient. :rasta:
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