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Can Music Kill Plants?


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YES but what kind? To find the answer check out my thread link is in my signature below for some good information, some I bet it will blow your mind!
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There is so many equipments in a disco. Which equipment?
Would the sound vibration be good for a plant? I blast my music offten lol!
If you click on my link in my signature it will take you to the thread with a more in depth answer. but the short one is , best is classical violin
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I must say I always play a bit of reggae feeding them. Not to loud though lol. I would say vibrations from the speaker would probably not be so good, that’s if it’s loud.

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I play the "Rainforest with Alpha Brainwave Pulses CD"
24/7 in my tent, Not sure if it calms the girls but I sure feel relaxed when there

I do think it helps but certainly does not hurt, seeing we control all the other environment conditions
why not sound

The Rainforest with Alpha Brainwave Pulses CD by Dr. Jeffrey Thompson uses peaceful sounds of the Amazon Rainforest embedded with Alpha Brainwave Pulses to surround you with serenity and calm.
Not as long as you play to them “ Get Ready- Sublime”

p.s. best song To smoke a J too or in summer ! Enjoy everyone who have never heard It !
grow on everyone!
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