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Can nanotechnology make revolutionary changes in oil exploration?

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Nanotechnology is a very familiar word now as it has been constantly hitting the headlines of news these days. This is the process that helps to control matter at a sub atomic level. Nanotechnology has got wide prospects and the uses of nanotechnology are in plenty. This branch of science has been widely used for a large variety of industries. One of the prominent among these is oil and natural gas. Oil and gas industry gets a lot of benefit from nanotechnology.

The first nanotechnology project to extract more petrol from oil fields was presented in University of Queensland's Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (AIBN) in 2006. According to the project report many oil drilling companies are forced to leave at least two barrels of oil for every barrel of oil that they produce. It is said that the use of certain nanotechnology methods can help them to save this. Nanotechnology can thus help in revolutionizing the oil and gas industry, saving the oil that's lost during drilling, to a considerable extent.

This technology, known as Pepfactants, was developed in Australia in 2006. Using of nanotechnology makes the oil industry more efficient as it can help in controlling the emulsions and foams which are used in a lot of industry processes, and could help in producing a range of products from oil and natural gas, as most of form major components of chemicals and therapeutic drugs.

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