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Can nutes kill smell?


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Plants are in 2 gallon pots of promix. Lighting is the same this time as the first grow.

During my first grow I had 2 plants that stunk up the whole house even while vegging. The smell stuck with them through flowering until I repotted them(newb issue) and started using Botanicare nutes and molasses, plus SuperThrive. Prior to the repot they had no nutes.After repotting and starting nutes, there was little or no smell the rest of the grow.
This current set of plants has had little smell all the way through and 3 of the 4 plants are cloned from the original 2.

My fingers smell great when handling the plants for adjustments or whatever but very little smell outside the closet. No filter running. This grow has had Botanicare nutes from the beginning, along with SuperThrive. And molasses on a semi random basis. When I stopped nutes about 10 days ago the smell started to develope again(water only for 2 waterings)

Anybody using Botanicare nutes and/or molasses/SuperThrive experiencing this lack of smell? Or any theories on why the smell seems to disappear?


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sometimes the lack of ventilation prevents 02 to enter room and effects smell.. too much nuts can give it a grassy smell but havent had a no smell prob..from ferts..and i have had a problem with superthrive in the flower stage i got watering systems mix and thay got a sokeing wich should of been for the new seedlings and but got the flowering room and ruined the whole crop had a medicted smell and streched ot like mad!! now everything is color coded to prevent this.. good growing to ya !


I've noticed after lights out, the smell increases some. 2 weeks into flower so far. I'm also surprised how little they smell. This is the 1st time I have gotten this far.


Grave digger on an post from 2009, just wanted to let you know....... but most likely you’ve become nose blind to the scent. Wash your hands and then rub the main stem, now take a whiff and see what you’ve got, bet it will cath you off guard by how intense it is....
For some reason it keeps showing me these like they're new and I dont even look at the date. Man I'm terrible at this


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Man I'm terrible at this
You're fine- I think we've all answered at least one 10 year old post in our time here- you'll get in the habit of checking the dates, just give yourself a little time!
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