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can someone break down nutrients for me?


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I understand the principles and the difference between macro and micro nutrients (i think lol) and have read a few threads on different nutes. I would just like some clarification on how to use my bloom micro and grow nutes. right now I am using a recipe from one of TheCapn's posts. It hits right in the ppm he says it does, but I have no idea how I can go about changing the recipe to suit my plants. do i just keep the ratios the same regardless or can I add more Grow if I feel its necessary?? I am using General Hydro product with cal/mag plus. any info would be appreciated. thanks.


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Re: can someone break down nutrients for me??

never start with more. always err on the side of not enough. It's far easier to adjust up than it is to try to suck the stuff out

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Re: can someone break down nutrients for me??

Go with whatever feeding schedule you're following.

Why would you feel more Grow is necessary?

If you're following the schedule properly, PHing and checking PPM you should be good to go.

Worry about any deficiencies as they come along. However if the schedule is good you shouldn't get many.

Just remember that nutrients aren't everything. CO2 enrichment helps tremendously and obviously keeping temps ideal as well.

And I agree with the person above me. I always start with a half recommended dose no matter what schedule I'm following. Just to start them out and work your way up.
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