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Can someone please help me figure out what this is


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My plants are all doing great but a couple leaves have turned kind of yellowish brown and brittle. I'm not sure if its a deficiency, fungus, or just normal aging of the leaves. This is only my second year and I'm not too good at diagnosis yet. I attached a picture and would really appreciate some of your expert help.

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Re: Can someone please help me figure out what this is??

How old are the plants, what are you feeding them with? Looks like it could be a Mg or a Ca deficiency... If it's just a couple of leafs, now worries, if more become affected, then it's time to move.

If you want, here is a good place to look for answers as the need arises:
Scroll down to this: Nutrient Deficiencies & Sick Plant Symptoms
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If you need more help, not a problem, just give a shout out... someone will hear ya... :Namaste:


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Re: Can someone please help me figure out what this is??

They are about 12 weeks old, just went onto flower 2 days ago. It is just a couple leaves on most of the plants and then one plant has quite a few leaves affected. I am feeding them different things. Usually fertilizing once a week with either Supernatural Gro Terra or Flora Nova with SuperThrive and then foliar feeding with seaweed extract and just recently started adding some molasses to the foliar feed.
I've looked at that post and many others and though some of the pictures look close to what mine look like none are exact so I figured someone here could tell me whats going on before I assume its something and mess stuff up even worse.
Thank you for your help!!
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