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Can someone please tell me whats wrong with my leaves?


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Seems like cal and k defficiency. Are you having some gnats too? What is the medium?ph?nute schedule? Soil humidity condition? Problem can come from anything from high medium humidity, to ph problem to nute problem ....
More details of environment and a full plant photo can help.
Good luck and happy growing :)

Stinky Snid

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Get yourself some kelp meal for the next feeding, what are you currently using? She'll need lots of potassium and phosphorous for the full on flower phase.

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Thank you for your times folks,
well i use the BIOBIZZ products, bio grow, bio heaven, bio flower, top max
they have a chart, and i use it like they say in their chart. i feed the girls once every 2 waterings, that means - sunday blank PHed water, thurday with nutes, than again water. is that ok?

gnuts.. yes, oh i have these litlle deepshits, but i kind of handeld it, lots of yellow glue sheets and perlon on top of soil. funny thing is, the plants with lots of the gnuts look awesome, and thowse who have less gnuts look like this.

the midiums are vary between 12 litre and 20.

PH under controol every watering, at 6.5 PH.

about the watering, i was giving every plant 4 litre of water each time, and i think that is alot, so i want to reduce it to 2 littres and water them more often, to prevent the long time in which the top of the soil is wet.

about the kelp meal, isnt the biobizz should cover all my girls need? you know, sence the biobizz is expencive as gold around here

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If you got the whole biobizz regiment I would assume it's adequate. I'm not familiar with it, but lots of folks use it around hear. Kelp meal is useful since it's 0-0-4 or something like that. You can use it as a foliar feed too. I'd say I'm not qualified to give input on the biobizz. Hope someone gets you a more effective answer.

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Dont just kill the gnats, they are a side effect of over watering and bad aie circulation. Correct the problem instead of side effects. Check the soil ph too. For the kelp, normally all kelp ive seen have too much N, so be sure to correct other fertz in regard to this.
If it was mine i would flush the soil well aand then space waterings abit and see what goes on.
Good luck and happy grow bro :)

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Gnats ah well those might just be fungus gnats those yellow sticky cards may help a little... it is the larvae of the gnat which present the problem the larvae primarily feed on fungi and organic matter in soil, but also chew roots !

Ye that is problem mainly so with very young seedlings & small plants but a mature plant may be able to resist damage it could also be a slight over watering problem also providing ideal ground for em to thrive... so you might need to find a suitable product for a soil drench to tame the little beasties :thumb:

The leaf problem appears to look like k - potassium def mainly so if you are in flowering where the girls will more likely use more P/K to support bud growth.

I've used pretty much the entire line of biobizz nutrients when i first started out for a couple of years because they are organic nutrients it takes a little bit of time for them to break down in the soil & the nutrients to become available for the plant to use & mainly experienced some form of P/K def whilst using the nutrients in the early stages of flowering over a few strains grown/cloned.

It is more likely not a good idea to PH organic nutrients tho... a very long story !
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