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Can the cold mess up ceramic bongs?

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im all paranoid because from my neighborhood to 30 minutes away from here is on watch because everybody is getting busted.i just got back from my friends house and his friend tripped before he even did research on what he tripped on and he went to the hospital because he thought he was gonna die.hes somebody i cant trust im afraid hes gonna rat me and all my friends out because the cops were involved.i have 3 ceramic bongs and i was wondering if i put them out in my shed if it would mess them up because last time i put them there i had one of my ceramics look like it was cracking all over.but my non ceramics seemed fine.tonight has not been my night and it is the biggest buzz killer i have ever had
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TheOldGuy said:
didnt ancient mofos make ceramic bowls and stuff? i'm sure their bowls did fine. good luck :)
lol no clue but it sux because this is the 2nd time i have to put all my stuff in my shed .first time was because i had k9 units riding through my neighborhood and there still doing it for some reason and now its because of my friends friend doing something stupid and making the cops even worse around here.i just dont want them to raid my house and take all my smoking pieces that i have been buying since i was 18