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Can we get a board for Sri Lanka.


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Sri Lanka is a small country, but there are nuber of Cannabis users in Sri Lanka who are on the Internet. Me and my Girlfriend smoke cannabis every weekend and have some fun.

She also use it to relieve menstrual cramps, and I use it to relieve work related stress and be more creative in my work. I'm a Software Engineer. I know several Software Engineers and programmers and designers who use cannabis to be more creative and relieve work stress.

Cannabis is an Ayurvedic prescription drug in Sri Lanka, and Ayurvedic doctors in Sri Lanka are licensed to keep up to 2kg of marijuana for medicine. Anyone else is allowed to grow up to two plants of Cannabis in a garden per household for personnel and household use. An oral dose of cannabis grounded and mixed with some other herbs and made in to small balls can be obtained from Ayurvedic drug stores over the counter called "Madana Modakaya". This is mostly used by blur collar working people to relieve physical work related stress.

In Sri Lanka, in Ratnapura, Tanamalvila areas Cannabis is grown in large scale, but the laws does not permit to transport more than 2kg at a time and not at all without a license.

I have more cannabis news here from Sri Lanka and would like to contribute a lot more information.
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