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Can you clone w/o rooting solution?

Re: Can you clone w/o rooting solution???

No, you don't need rooting hormone.

I currently use Schultz rooting hormone from Wal-Mart. It was about 5 bucks for a tub that will last for years. Scultz is far from the best hormone, but it does work. I want some Clonex.

If you're rooting them in peat pellets, make sure they stay fairly wet. They dry out really quickly.

My method is cut, dip in water, rooting hormone and then place them in the peat pellets. I put a dome over them for the first day or two but after that I don't use a dome. I leave them in the open air and I mist the peat pellet occasionally to keep it wet but I don't mist the leaves. Don't let it dry out, and don't get it too wet. You need that happy medium.

Are you cloning to sex your plants?
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Re: Can you clone w/o rooting solution???

Not yet, but that is the plan. Going to sex them, keep a mother or two, then replace the males outside with female clones. I wouldn't do this for a month or two since I do not feel my plants are mature enough. Until then, I have taken a clipping from a rose plant so I can try and get a little experience in cloning.