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Can you dilute and keep needed levels to pass?


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I Read a lot of these but still am unsure. I am a heavy smoker. I may or may not be getting a new job that requires a drop. I have quickfix and powdered from testclear but wanted to know if it's possible to dilute but still have the necessary PH levels or whatever? I know if I drink gallons of liquid it will simply dilute, but is there a away to dilute but also keep the levels needed to pass?


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Here is the deal with urine dilution: with urine drug tests, they (Quest Diagnostics for example) usually use test strips that tell them yes/no if the drug like THC is present in the urine. What is important are the cut-off rates - some test strips are very sensitive (will detect 20 ng/ml or more) and others are less sensitive (will detect 100 ng/ml or more).

Now if your current concentration of THC in urine is 110 ng/ml and they will test you with the less sensitive 100 ng/ml test, then diluting your urine might lower concentration of THC in urine to below 100 ng/ml and you won't have problems passing a drug test.
But if they use 20 ng/ml, you're scr*wed.

The surest thing is synthetic urine. I would go with that.


I agree with MikeRyan, you should use synthetic urine but be careful on what product you will use. I heard that there's a lot of people failing test using quickfix. Maybe there's a huge problem on their product this year. I've used it before and I passed so I recommend it to my friend last January. Unexpectedly, he failed, the Lab said it's not human urine. Damn, my friend said I fooled him. LOL It's good to know that his manager gave him a chance to retake the test. I've searched and looked for a synthetic urine product that has a great review and found one that let him pass.
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