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Can you plant hermie seeds and get usable females?


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I just finished picking through 2 Hermie plants with a Gazillion seeds and had 2 questions.

1) If I plant these Hermies seeds will any of them be females I can use

2) If I smoke the small bit of Hermie herb, will it be any good?

Thanks everyone



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It depends on a few factors.... I know that my last grow I had one plant and it gave me 5 seeds. I didn't find any naners in the grow so at some point she pollinated herself on me. The seeds she gave off should all be feminized seeds. The smoke was amazing and the seeds are already growing me a new batch. It was a bagseed tho, so the whole hermie thing was probably in her genetics. Too many seeds tho and I would get skeptical.


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Iv grown hermit seeds multiple times. The outcome on each one was maybe 5 seeds or so. Defiantly so low there worth growing now if your female had a lot of seeds I wouldn't. When they get stressed out the can produce seeds and everytime I have gotten a female seed from that.
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