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can you use cfls with red and blue led?


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I have a set up at the moment of 6 cfls each light is at 1200 lumen each bulb and I have a red/blue led light 136bulb. I was wanting to see if I can put this led light with my cfls or will it start to cause something to happen to my plants or stun the growth or what??? please input is highly highly appreciated thank you.


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Youtube. there's a lot of vids out there, some from people here, some from other places. As I've often found in other things in my life, it's never good to rely on one SOLE source of information. Even 420 mag has some vids there. though one thing I found on Youtube that should be in everyone's watched list, and that's the

It's a video on dealing with growing and how to handle the more law enforcement aspects, as he's a former Narcotics officer with 8 years on the force, before he quit, over the increasingly violent house raids.

There's a lot of vids from a lot of people, some of whom are here!
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