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Canada Campus Goes Up In Smoke


As of Nov. 11, 2006, Canadian workers are allowed to smoke marijuana in the workplace. Two professors have fought to get a special room built into their respective colleges so they can smoke on campus for medical reasons. The use of medical marijuana has give two professors in Toronto the right to smoke pot in a specially ventilated room "Where they can indulge in peace," says CNN.

The York University criminology professor Brian MacLean said, "Without the medication, I am disabled and I'm not able to carry out meaningful, valuable and productive work." He suffers from a sever form of degenerative arthritis.

The other professor suffers from the same problem. "It helps me to maintain my mobility as a physical problem, but it also helps me to keep the pain at a distance so I can focus on my work," MacLean told Reuters.

In my opinion, this is a very bad idea. If the professors can be allowed to buy pot they could begin to redistribute it to the students for a profit. This would allow the students to get pot on campus without any punishment because they won't have it in their possession. The professors who are allowed to carry it would have it.

If this temporary policy sticks, then it will inevitably spread and doctors may start to prescribe weed to anyone with arthritis. This way, Canada can have a more focused and productive work force, right!?

Robert Frohlich

Battle Creek

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