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Canada Guy's Medical Fusion Grow

Canada Guy

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Hey 420 community! Today is a very exciting day, today I will begin on a journey. I invite everyone to pull up a chair, grab a bowl, and join me in this epic grow.

I wanted to start off by saying thank you to everyone on this site! Prior to joining I spent several years reading and learning from others. I am now going to return that to the community in the form of this journal where I will take all that I have learned and apply it so you guys get to watch an awesome grow.

I had a difficult time deciding what kind of tent to grow in. I had made a diy grow box a couple years ago and doing so I found out a few things. First, it is not cheaper to go diy. And second, although I had fun building my cab, it took nearly 3 months to build it as I work full time. Between the money spent and the time spent, the amount of fun I had somehow wasn't worth it.

The day finally came when I decided it's time to ditch the cfl and the diy cab and get something more professional. But what? The choices seemed to be overwhelming. I could piece together a cheap tent and lights and everything else on ebay for a couple hundred bucks. Sweet! Or so I thought. When you really look into it to get something to Canada from another country isn't going to be cheap or free shipping, some won't ship here at all. Plus our dollar sucks right now, and usually you pay duty at the border too. So back to square 1. I needed something that was already in Canada because if I have problems I want the peace of mind of knowing I can send it back and someone who speaks English will help me fix my problem. I also needed something affordable but not cheap. I decided on a Fusion Hut tent from Grow Lights Canada as well as the rest of their HID kit. They seem legit and their product seems to be pretty good too looking at the specs. Time will tell, I just hope it gets here fast! I haven't found too much info about them but I will keep you guys updated on how their kit stands up to a real world grow. Anyway on with the show!

Type of grow - Indoor Medical

Strain - 2x Barney's Farm L.S.D Feminized, 4x Diesel/Mystery Indica Regular, and 1 Royal Purple Kush bagseed from my most recent order with Canntrust.

Medium - Soil

Lights - CFL, 600 watt mh/hps

Tent - Custom cab, 4x8 Fusion Hut

Nutes - TBD

Pests - None, today is day 1

This is my cab.

And the inside.

4 x Diesel/Mystery Indica.

2 x Barney's Farm L.S.D.

1 x Royal Purple Kush Bagseed. (I don't have high hopes for this one)

Group pic!

A nice new home.

Unborn babies are in the nursery warm and cozy.

Thank you for reading. Feel free to comment, ask questions, or just stop by and say hi! We are all in this together my friends. Happy 420!


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Thanks Nuckscelts, I hope my girls end up fat and gorgeous like your Candy Cane.
Thanks man. That was my first grow and one plant ended up airy. One beautiful. I am well into my second grow and things are going wonderful. I've made a ton of mistakes and learned a lot. I will help in any way you may need.

Canada Guy

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Sweet subbed. What type of soil you using?
Hey Islandgrow. Thanks for stopping by, sorry I didn't see your message earlier. I will either be using an all organic garden dirt with extra horse manure, or I might try something different this time and go for something from Home Depot or the local garden center. My Diesel cross did well with organic but I think I can do better using extra Nutes.

Canada Guy

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I'm in! Lets get'r going!

I've ordered from growlights before. My tent and inline fan/filter. I think their pricing is good and they ship fast!

Good luck on your grow...and enjoy! :thumb:

Mitt - - -MB Canada
Welcome Mittin. I'm glad to hear you had a good experience with them. We don't have to spend 800 bucks on a tent to get quality. And I want to support a Canadian company. And I will always choose Canadian milk!


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Just curious how you can order seeds or clones from Canntrust as on their website it does not even show they are selling seeds or clones?

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Canada Guy

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Just curious how you can order seeds or clones from Canntrust as on their website it does not even show they are selling seeds or clones?

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Hey XobeMan, I did not buy the seed. I found it in the container of Royal Purple Kush, hence calling it a bagseed.

Canada Guy

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I also had good experience with that company a fusion hut tent and hid setup.. Seems like decent enough quality especially for the price I was pleased and it only took a few days to arrive.. Good luck with your grow from another Canadian!
Thanks PE636. It should be fun watching the girls grow up.
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