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Canada: Mirabel Tomato Producer Les Serres Bertrand To Convert To Cannabis Operation

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Tomato producer Les Serres Bertrand is converting its Mirabel facilities into greenhouses producing organic cannabis.

Les Serres Bertrand will direct operations in a joint venture with Canadian cannabis giant Canopy Growth Corporation.

Under the name Les Serres Vert Cannabis, it will spend $15 million to adapt the current facilities to grow medicinal marijuana.

Eventually, the 700,000-square-feet of greenhouses could produce up to 60,000 kilograms of cannabis a year for the Quebec market, according to Adam Greenblatt, manager of Canopy Growth in Quebec.

The new partnership must file a license application with Health Canada to be permitted to produce marijuana for medical purposes.

According to Greenblatt, organic cannabis produced by Les Serres Vert Cannabis will eventually serve all types of markets in Quebec, which also includes recreational pot once it becomes legal in Canada.

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