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Canada: Ontario To Adopt Tougher Penalties For Drivers Impaired By Cannabis

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Ontario will have a zero tolerance policy toward young drivers who use marijuana.

Premier Kathleen Wynne on Monday said commercial truckers, drivers 21 and under, and novice motorists will face stiff penalties if caught behind the wheel after using cannabis.

For a first occurrence young drivers and G1, G2, M1, and M2 license holders will face a three-day suspension and a $250 fine.

A second occurrence will result in a week-long suspension and a $350 fine with all subsequent offences penalized with a 30-day suspension and a $450 fine.

Similarly, commercial drivers will face three-day suspensions any time they are caught and fined up to $450.

All other drivers found to be within the blood-alcohol concentrate range of up to .08 will face suspensions of between three and 30 days and fines of up to $450.

Those with blood-alcohol concentrate levels above .08 face 90-day suspension and $550 fines.

"There is no excuse for impaired driving – whether it is due to drugs or alcohol," said Wynne.

Murie said he was hopeful upcoming oral-fluid road tests will help reduce cannabis use by drivers.

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