Canada: Support Effort To Learn More Of Impact Of Cannabis, Researchers Urge Ottawa

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A coalition of academics is calling on the federal government to make researching the effects of pot a priority as Ottawa works to legalize and regulate marijuana by next July.

An open letter from more than 50 researchers from across Canada says policy-makers should support efforts to learn more about how marijuana affects its users.

Those who signed the letter include Dr. Mark Ware, an assistant professor at McGill University who served as vice-chair on a federally appointed task force on pot.

Ware says Canada is uniquely positioned to develop and deliver the research that should accompany legalized cannabis, adding there is "tremendous expertise and interest" across the country.

In April, the Liberal government tabled legislation proposing to legalize and regulate the recreational use of cannabis for adults over the age of 18.

Once passed, Canada would become the first G7 country where the use of marijuana is legal.

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