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Canada's Doctors Decline To Join Anti-Marijuana Campaign

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The main groups representing Canadian doctors have declared they will not participate in Health Canada's upcoming anti-drug campaign targeting young people. "The educational campaign has now become a political football on Canada's marijuana policy," said a joint statement released Saturday by the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC), Canadian Medical Association (CMA) and Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. "We did not, and do not, support or endorse any political messaging or political advertising on this issue."

The release said all three organizations had been "invited to co-brand and provide expert advice" on the public campaign, initiated and funded by Health Canada. This would mean the groups would have their logos along with endorsements emblazoned on all the advertising. They emphasized, however, that they will "continue working to enhance public education and increase awareness of the health risks of drug and alcohol consumption by Canada's young people." Stephen Harper's Conservative government has come out hard against the stand taken on marijuana by Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau, who has said he favours legalizing and controlling the drug.

Attack ads
Earlier this week, the Conservative Party released an ad indicating that Trudeau's stance would make it easier for children to get marijuana. Retired police officer Julian Fantino, the Conservative minister of veterans affairs, recently distributed a flyer in his Toronto-area riding attacking Trudeau. Fantino's flyer said the Liberal leader's "first order of business is to make marijuana more accessible to minors," and that the Liberals "want to make buying marijuana a normal, everyday activity for young Canadians." Trudeau has said that marijuana should be regulated and taxed similar to liquor sales. When asked to clarify what he thought about marijuana, Trudeau has said, "Marijuana is not a health food supplement. It's not great for you, but it's certainly – as many studies have shown – not worse for you than cigarettes or alcohol."


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Too bad this traitorous little bastard cannot speak the Truth, but we must understand that Justin is probably an MKUltra victim rather than a Bilderberg insider, much as his father - but Julian Fantino is an out-and-out reptilian Fascist!

The fact is that 'marihuana' is NOT "great for you" - all it does if smoked regularly is: 1) protect from lung cancer 2) reverse the early onset symptoms of Alzheimer's, create immunity to colds & flu and helps ease most minor complaints of aging aches & pains.

Marihuana is NOT a diet supplement because it tastes HORRIBLE; marihuana is a fake, slang term;

the medicine and it's administration is "cannabinoid therapy", not 'pot-smoking', and cannabinoids MUST be considered a dietary supplement; it is perhaps the MOST efficacious of the hundreds of health-boosting plants on planet Earth!

YES! :Namaste:
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Yes, bro;

It IS great for you, AND for children AND people with jobs and it belongs in our "medicine" cabinets, our first-aid kits, burn centres and hospitals.
Is everybody going to sit on their hands and ignore the real facts of raw cannabis and Charlotte's Web for kids OR any handicapped individual;
is everyone going to IGNORE the criminality of selling TRIM through our "licensed to steal" faceless,
capitalist, phone-in distribution centers.

The laws and bans on cannabis are there for a reason - this is it --- >

When one learns the historical fact that the FIRST ban (law) against hemp was in Swaziland, in 1922, as an act of protectionism to support the cotton plantations of Egypt, one can see the true, evil purposes of colonialism/capitalism. The ban on hemp was introduced to Kanada in 1923, more than a decade sooner than in the USA!

Repeal of all restrictions against hemp agriculture OF ALL TYPES must be initiated.

The truth of the matter is simple: allowing production of medicinal, industrial, commercial and recreational hemp products will destroy large swaths of most of capitalism's favoured phony industries, starting with: big Oil, big Pharma, the AMA/CMA, big Agri, Monsanto, etc. Forestry, Construction, Clothing and many other industries would be affected as well -
that is the true reason that the lies were started about hemp after WW I and the real reason that perpetuating these controls, or legislating "regulations to control ... for ... protection...
...society ... child ... taxes .." is simply another set of LIES that will crumble in the floodlights of Truth that will, one day, catch all of "Society" in it's glare!

I doubt that ANY politician of any stripe (the only ones I've seen are yellow) will endorse this Truth! No politician would be permitted to discuss such a "ludicrous" concept - also, each and every politician who might be paying attention to reality knows we must keep our prisons full, train new criminals, keep the courts busy, generate more misery and continue to do the good work of the Big Banks!

Marijuana is not a "supplement," it's a straight up health food when properly heated.
It IS great for you!


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Let me do a better job on my reply. If people keep using terms like, MKUltra, Bilderberg, and "reptilian fascist" We are going to be seen as delusional psychos who have no say in how cannabis is used in our country. I don't feel that your attack of Justin was justified, either.The powers that be are going to jump on that and deny we are sane enough to have a say!

Would you please think twice, before writing such things on a nationally seen message board, in the future?


Michael G Langley, MD
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