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Canada's Medical Pot Laws: A Cruel Illusion

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According to the judge who heard his case, Matt Mernagh "is a frail young man with a fragile yet genuine demeanour. He moves with difficulty, his body clearly showing the ravages of illness. Educated and articulate, he is using what little strength he has to focus attention on the unnecessary difficulties faced by himself and others like him, in attempting to access medicinal marijuana to cope with their debilitating illnesses."

The brave Mernagh and his hard-working lawyer, Paul Lewin, assembled testimony sufficient to smash to smithereens the hollow illusion that Canada's medical marijuana laws are serving the sick Canadians who need it.

They surgically excised one of the many rotten bits of the Marijuana Medical Access Regulations, the requirement that medical doctors serve as the gatekeepers of eligibility. Because many doctors refuse to co-operate, sick Canadians are often left out in the cold, at risk of being nabbed as criminals, harmed by their own doctors.

The key declaration of Ontario Superior Court Justice Donald Taliano's carefully reasoned decision in R. v. Mernagh is that the possession and production offences are not valid and are to be struck down. This declaration was suspended, so it has no immediate effect on other cases. But the suspension is only for three months, so there is no chance of the Crown's appeal being decided in time.

This leaves the federal government with two choices: It could let these two marijuana prohibitions slip into actual invalidity, and let everyone spark up in public, at least until such time as the Ontario Court of Appeal rules on the case; or it could attempt to have the judgment stayed by the appeal court until its appeal can be decided.

Of course, due to the federal election, we have no Parliament right now, and there is no telling what the newly elected government will do with this political hot potato.

So I've got an idea: Why don't we Canadians make this a political issue, even if the politicians don't want it to be? After all, we happen to be in one of these brief periods where regular citizens are not utterly powerless, since the politicians need enough votes from enough of us on May 2 to keep on governing over us.

Why don't we try democracy for a change, and tell them what to do with the issue? Why don't we discuss whether to legalize marijuana?

If this is too wild for you (and it is for the Liberal party), why don't we at least discuss whether to legalize medical marijuana? What this ruling is telling us all is that there is no legalized marijuana program in Canada, only a bogus scheme designed to cause the cruel illusion of one.

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