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Canadian Judge Eases Medical Marijuana Grower Access

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Canadians who are prescribed cannabis to treat their illnesses will no longer be forced to rely on the federal government as a supplier following a Federal Court ruling that struck down a key restriction in the government`s medical cannabis program.

The decision by Judge Barry Strayer, released on 10 January, essentially grants medical cannabis users more freedom in picking their own grower and allows growers to supply the drug to more than one patient. Currently, medical users can grow their own cannabis but growers can't supply the drug to more than one user at a time.

In his decision, Strayer called the provision unconstitutional and arbitrary, as it "caused individuals a major difficulty with access." The government must also reconsider requests made by a group of medical users who brought the matter to court to be allowed to have a single supplier as their producer, Strayer said in his 23- page decision.

While the government has argued that medical users who can't grow their own cannabis can obtain it from the government, fewer than 20 per cent of patients actually use the government's supply, Strayer wrote. The government may appeal the decision.

Source: Canadian Press of 11 January 2008
Copyright: 2008, Canadian Press
Contact: Michael Hess
Website: BBSNews - Canadian Judge Eases Medical Marijuana Grower Access
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