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I'm very surprised no one has mentioned Hemp Depot.
I've ordered from them many times in the past 15+ years.
I always used cash, and never had one go missing.
Some great breeders work is there, and some I did not know, but received some delicious strains by taking the chance on them.
I think some folks get put off, with the sites policies, no whining about about crappy germination rates, and to bad if the package goes into the nevernever.
There are also some very reasonable prices beans offered, that IMHO are very worth a shot at.
Best to ya.


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Dr.Seeds is another one and is a fairly new sponsor around here. The shipping is fast and prices competitive. No freebies but you do get 3 packs of five(in cool little tins) for the price of two. They have a fairly good selection of beans and several growers have started journals on their genetics.
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