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hey kinda new to the forums been growing for few years now with pretty decent results, But always looking to pick the brains of other well experienced growers as you can never stop learning right.

I am currently using the canadian xpress coco line of nutrients and all their additives + Cmx for cal-mag sup. growing in 70/30 coco perlite mix

Was just wondering other peoples experience with this line of Nutrients in coco was. what ratios people are using ect and if there is anything i could remove or add to my line up that would improve things

Currently using

Flairform - CMX
cx A & B Base
cx Bio Balancer
cx Regen a root
cx Mighty Growth (veg only)
cx Wilt Guard
cx Head Master (flower only)
cx Mighty Bloom ( flower only)

links to Nutrients websites if your unfamiliar with this line: Nutrients and Additives - CX Horticulture Fusion Nutrition Specialists , CMX - FlairFormCMX | Calcium, magnesium & iron additive

i look forward to reading any responses and advice the community has to offer


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Hiya @KiwiGunja I'm new, do soil, have no experience with that nute brand. All I know is everyone seems to say the manufacturer schedules run hot. Lets get a coco superhero up in here eh? I'll fire up the pot leaf signal hopefully they'll see it...hey @Old Salt you got some insight for us?
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